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Salty Frog's Bar & Grill

About us

Salty Frog’s is an open-air beach bar & grill meets midwest neighborhood pub focused on great food, friendly service and southern hospitality...

We focus on great food, friendly service, and southern hospitality. It's the type of place where names are remembered and good times are had.The Salty Frog's Story...Chris "Froggy" Darnell is a 25 year veteran of the Nashville hospitality industry. When he and Jeremy "Jeffro" McIntyre decided to team up in 2015 after working with each other for over fifteen years, Froggy and Jeffro's would be the result. The Spring Hill, Tennessee, neighborhood bar and grill became an immediate local favorite. And after six years of success, Chris and his wife Ashley have decided to expand south, this time in partnership with Ashley's parents Jim and Pam Dalrymple.The Salty Frog's Mission...Salty Frog's brings that timeliness of Tennessee hospitality down to Florida where the weather is nicer. We are business of making people feel relaxed and enjoy themselves. From the high food quality to the atmosphere we put a lot of work into making you feel taken care of. The Keys have quickly become home for us, and we hope you'll find the same feeling at Salty Frog's Bar and Grill.